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Robert Parker is a wildlife and nature photographer located in Ontario, Canada.

I was introduced to nature at a young age on the shores

and in the fields of North West England.  I honed my bird

identification skills as my passion for nature grew.  

Canada became my home in 1973, where my interest for 

birds and nature continued to grow.  My love of wildlife 

evoked the desire to capture these creatures in photographs

that I could share with others.  To learn how to use my new

camera and the principles of photography, I enrolled in a local

college in 2013.


After joining a photography club and successfully winning

several competitions, I started entering National and International competitions.  I have successfully won and placed in many of these National and International Competitions.  My success in competitions has only strengthened my desire to share my images with everyone who appreciates and loves nature.

if you are interested in purchasing one or more of my images please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours truly,

Rob Parker


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